Aziz Foundation’s Beacons Programme

22 May

There is significant infrastructure and considerable resources in Muslim communities addressing its many and specific needs. Often, the organisations and institutions meeting these needs recognise their responsibility to improve services for their communities and in response to this the Aziz Foundation has developed its Beacons Programme. In the coming months, the Beacons Programme will work with strategic partners to raise standards in some of the key sectors including: mosques and community centres, educational institutions, humanitarian charities, social welfare initiatives and other community organisations.

We are pleased to be working with Faith Associates on the launch of the Beacons Mosque and Community Centre Project, the first strand of our Beacons Programme. This project focuses on raising governance standards and developing provisions for the community including activities for children, young people, women, older people and wider society. Mosques and community centres are the heart of the Muslim community – they provide places of prayer, solace, education, social functions and welfare. This project will offer advice, training and guidance on governance and inclusion to help and support the rejuvenation of these amazing institutions which were first set up in Medina by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

We are currently looking to work with additional mosques (outside London) that share this vision to become vibrant, active community hubs that cater to men, women and children of all ages, including people from the wider community.