New Institutional Development Awards

15 October

On October 15thย the Aziz Foundation welcomed Cambridge Muslim College and Ebrahim College to our Muslim Leadership Development Programme. Institutional Development Grants have been awarded to the colleges and the Foundation will sponsor two lectureships at Cambridge Muslim College, one lectureship at Ebrahim college and a chaplin who will work with the students and staff of both institutions.

The vision of the Muslim Leadership Development Programme is to facilitate the growth of exceptional individuals and leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate and lead their communities through the dynamic challenges of modern society. We work with individuals who are able to engage and build bridges with wider society and contribute to the common good of Britain as a whole. To achieve this aim, the programme supports the creation of a space for genuine dialogue and exchange between the Islamic sciences, the social sciences and humanities which will have applications in the intellectual and socio-cultural context of modern British society.

Our work with institutions ensures that our shared goals help develop a culture of co-operation, knowledge sharing and advancement and we were able to invite our scholarship recipients to the signing ceremony on October 15th where they were able to engage with a panel of experts, ask questions and discuss overcoming routes towards great representation of their communities.