APPG On British Muslims Present Findings From ‘Faith As The Fourth Emergency Service’

19 December

Today the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims will present findings from its first report, ‘Faith as the Fourth Emergency Service’.

This report acknowledges the range of work done by Muslim charities in the UK which evoke the very best of British Muslim communities: a commitment to giving to those less fortunate than themselves, a desire to help those in need and a willingness to volunteer time and extend friendship.

What rarely makes the headlines is the ‘Merry Muslim Christmas’. The soup kitchens, the food banks, the Christmas dinners, the New Year clean-up work Muslim charities will be busy doing during the festive period.

The report is supported by APPG co-Chair Anna Soubry who commented: ‘As I have said before, communities have much to learn from one another. There is much we can learn from British Muslims and the work they do over Christmas. I have been deeply moved by the evidence we have heard. The number of British Muslim Charities supporting non-Muslims during the season of good will is testament to the true nature of the Islamic faith.’

APPG co-Chair Wes Streeting said: ‘British Muslim communities are living out their faith by playing an active role and supporting the most deprived in their communities. Motivated by faith and a commitment to their fellow citizens this Christmas, we will once again see British Muslims feeding, clothing, housing and providing friendship to those that are often forgotten as we celebrate Christmas with our families.’

For more information on the report, please see the APPG British Muslims website or email admin@appgbritishmuslims.org or download A Very Merry Muslim Christmas.