First Round Of 2018 Grantees

14 May

The Aziz Foundation is delighted to announce the first round of 2018 grantees. This round of funding has awarded grants worth £210,647 to 25 organisations working on diverse projects from refugee support to initiatives helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds enter the arts.

We are pleased to be supporting the following organisations:

  • Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church – Community Integration Through Sport, Arts, and Culture
  • Deaf World – First Gear Project
  • Unity Family Services – Bear Hugs
  • Youpress – Creative Futures Entry Level Jobs
  • Waterloo Community Trust – Community Drama for Young People
  • LUNGS – LUNGS Magazine Issue 3: Poly Voices
  • Safe Passage – Kindertransport Legacy Campaign
  • The Bike Project – The Bike Project Volunteer Programme
  • British Red Cross – Hampshire Young Refugees Together Project
  • The Zahid Mubarek Trust – The Turning Point Post-Release Support Programme
  • Birmingham District of the Methodist Church – Adavu Project
  • Khidr Collective – Khidr Collective Website
  • Roma Support Group – Roma Migrants Brexit Project
  • Global Justice Now Trust – Demand the Impossible: Empowering Disadvantaged Youth
  • Macclesfield Barnaby Festival – Inside the Mind of the Machine
  • ALT Training – ALT Training Winter Programme
  • Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre Ltd. – We Are The Future
  • Restoke – Restoke
  • Khidmah (Leicester) – Straight Path Resettlement Project
  • Khidmat Centre – Muslim Women in Prison: Community-based Resettlement
  • Board of British Scholars and Imams – Board of British Scholars and Imams
  • Muslim Council of Britain – Visit My Mosque
  • Muslim Council of Britain – Muslim Refugees in Britain
  • Fatima Elizabeth – The Watham Supplementary SEN Project
  • The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) – Environmental Education Campaign