Preferred Partner Coventry University is one of the Aziz Foundation’s preferred partners. They share our core values and actively promote Widening Participation at the postgraduate level.

Preferred Partners in Focus: Coventry University

Coventry University’s research has led the way in uncovering the experiences of British Muslims and the history of Islam in Britain. Coventry researchers have made significant contributions to the development of the working definition of Islamophobia, have examined the implications of the Prevent duty on educational institutions, and proposed ways to better tackle religious-based hate crime on university campuses. The institution is also pioneering cutting edge work on the intersectionality of race and religion, informing policy development around faith and belief.

Student Testimonials


Zohab Musa | MSc Disaster Relief


How has your experience been of studying at Coventry University so far?

Studying at Coventry University during this pandemic has been challenging however, I cannot stress how amazing and supportive the staff have been on my course. From the tutors to course leaders and everyone involved I have thoroughly felt supported. I have been amazed at the level of care they have provided and ensured the well-being of students at every point.’

What kind of support has been made available to you during your time at the University?

‘During my time at the university, we received calls from the department heads to ensure that we were doing okay during the pandemic. Further to this, the response to online learning and organising online lectures has been fantastic. The university takes a holistic approach to student-well-being and has offered safety measures and guarantees within its learning centres. We have also received extra tutorials as a result to facilitate our learning.’

How has your time at the university helped you develop as a British Muslim leader?

‘I took the MSc course because my passion lies in the betterment of humanity and in helping those who are the most in need. My aim is to develop as a leader within the community and inspire others to do good. By studying for my Masters at Coventry, I have been able to appreciate so much in the academic world – it truly helps you understand the qualities you need to develop and the mindset required to progress and teach others, as well as understanding what makes a good and earnest leader.’

Have you been able to access any opportunities that have helped you prepare for a career in your chosen industry?

‘Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this has been limited, but the university has hosted a number of useful employment fairs and post-graduate online sessions to engage with the relevant sector leaders and industry experts. Even during a period of limited resources, the university has been supportive.’

Would you recommend postgraduate study at Coventry university to other British Muslims?

‘100% I would definitely recommend it – in fact I am considering pursuing other studies. When I initially applied to study for a Masters, I had confirmed offers at three other universities. Yet I decided to choose Coventry University because of the the encouraging and supportive environment of the university and the course content itself. Whilst studying at Coventry, I have gained a profound appreciation for all the staff and peers who have helped me on my journey. I have genuinely enjoyed studying here within the pandemic period. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Coventry University to potential students.’