Kingston University

Preferred Partner Kingston University London is one of the Aziz Foundation’s preferred partners. They share our core values and are committed to promoting Widening Participation at the postgraduate level.

Preferred Partners In Focus: Kingston University London

Kingston is pioneering a granular approach to tackling the awarding gap, looking down at the course level in order to assess which institutional factors need to be addressed.

The institution’s Inclusive Curriculum Framework enables it to draw staff and students into a dialogue around continuous improvement of the curriculum. Moreover, students from non-traditional backgrounds are employed as Inclusive Curriculum consultants.

The University is also working closely with Muslim students in the development of the new Kingston Hill Faith Centre.

In November 2021, the Aziz Foundation undertook a visit of Kingston University’s Penrhyn Road campus. For a news report on the visit, see here

Student Testimonial

Ziyad Rahman | MSc User Experience Research and Design, Kingston University


How has your experience been of studying at Kingston University so far?

‘It has been an enjoyable experience. I have been given a lot freedom to pursue the subject areas I want to in my research-based MSc and there is a lot of support from lecturers and supervisors. It is also an incredibly diverse university, so it’s great meeting and working with peers from different countries and cultures.’

What kind of support has been made available to you during your time at the University?

‘Kingston has a Digital Media Department that covers multiple creative MSc courses, this department are incredibly active in getting industry speakers to hold talks around careers and roles throughout the year. This will be very useful in supporting my career going forward.’

How has your time at the university helped you develop as a British Muslim leader?

‘Kingston offers many teaching assistant roles for MSc students – I was approached to teach BSc students for a few months and it was a great experience. I learnt a lot about teaching, communicating effectively and sharing my own experience to benefit others, particularly those from minority backgrounds. They also have mentoring opportunities for MSc students to mentor BSc students from minority backgrounds on their ‘Beyond Barriers’ programme.’

Have you been able to access any opportunities that have helped you prepare for a career in your chosen industry?

‘As previously mentioned, I was given the opportunity to teach BSc Game Development students which has been helpful in my pursuit to work in the gaming industry. Furthermore the frequent talks held by industry professionals from a range of creative sectors has provided guidance in areas such as job applications, interviews, and industry expectations.’

Would you recommend postgraduate study at Kingston University to other British Muslims?

‘It is easy for me to recommend Kingston University as it is very diverse and inclusive. There is a large Muslim community on campus and facilities to practice faith. Kingston also has mentoring programmes, part-time job opportunities and an active careers team that will help anyone thrive and excel.’