About Us Our guiding philosophy and key principle of operation is to support British Muslims to bring positive change to their communities and beyond.

Our Guiding Principles and Objectives

Our work is guided by principles of social justice, compassion and cooperation. We recognise that Muslims make an invaluable contribution to the fabric of this country and we wish to live in a Britain where Muslims are valued and empowered to fulfil their true potential and continue making positive contributions to their communities and beyond.

Education creates opportunities for social mobility and we recognise that despite the hard work and efforts of many, there continues to be significant equality gaps that hamper the social mobility of many talented, inspiring and ambitious British Muslims. As an organisation, we are driven to reduce these equality gaps through our scholarships programme and other initiatives, which aim to increase access to postgraduate education and opportunity.


Our Story So Far

The Aziz Foundation was set up as a family foundation in 2015 by the Aziz family. Our early work was a dynamic mix of scholarships and grants in strategic areas including community work, arts and culture and research.

As we approached our third birthday in 2018, we began a strategic review that led us to consolidate our work and impact in the form of a pioneering postgraduate scholarships programme.

In 2019, the Aziz Foundation awarded 148 scholarships, which covered a range of disciplines across over 40 UK universities and with 62% of these awarded to women.

In 2020 the foundation awarded over 200 scholarships at 54 universities with over 65% awarded to women and 160 to people in their 20s.

In 2021, another 50 scholarships were awarded through 18 partner universities, with 45% of the cohort in the first in their family to enter higher education.

We are excited about supporting the career progression of each of our scholars, as they make meaningful contributions to their industry, community and society as a whole.

To date we have invested over £5.7 million in more than 400 scholarships for British Muslims pursuing postgraduate education.

Asif Aziz is a property entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Founder and CEO of Criterion Capital, which manages a property portfolio. He is also the Foundation’s Chair and a Honorary Fellow of Goldsmiths, University of London. His interests include combating Islamophobia, education, tackling homelessness and international poverty relief.

‘‘I have worked hard to accumulate wealth not simply for myself, but for the communities that I am a part of. My charitable focus has always been on improving the life chances of people who, purely because of the circumstances of their birth, have been disadvantaged.’’



The Right Honorable Baroness Butler-Sloss of Marsh Green is patron of the Aziz Foundation. She was the first female Lord Justice of Appeal and, until 2005, was President of the Family Division of the High Court, making her one of the highest-ranking female judges in the UK. In 2006, she was appointed an Independent Peer in the House of Lords. She has chaired many notable inquests and inquiries, including the inquest into the death of Princess Diana and the Cleveland Inquiry. She recently chaired the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life.




Trevor is a British businessman and philanthropist. He is a director of the William Pears Group, one of Britain’s largest property companies, run together with his brothers Mark and David. The business was founded in 1952 by their father and grandfather.

Trevor is Executive Chair of the family’s charitable foundation, Pears Foundation, set up in 1992. The Foundation supports issues affecting the wellbeing of people in the UK and across the world.


Our Team


Aftab oversees the strategic development of the Foundation’s scholarship programme, leading on engagement with its Board of Trustees. He initially developed the scholarships scheme in the Foundation’s early years as well as leading on the strengthening seminaries programme.

Aftab’s career has seen him work in accountancy before embarking on a decade-long teaching career in universities across several Arab countries. He then became the director of a think-tank in Jordan and then on his return to the UK took up the post of general manager of a UK-based publishing house before joining the Foundation.


Our Team


Saadia previously ran the Foundation’s grants programme, supporting a range of UK-based organisations and projects and exploring community-owned and innovative practices in development. She now leads on legacy grant work alongside the financial management of the Foundation’s scholarships programme and Scholarships Plus, under which she is developing internship opportunities for Aziz scholars and alumni in the Foundation’s priority areas of Law, Media and Policy.

Previously, Saadia has worked in the civil service for the Charity Commission and the Department for International Development, and in the charity sector including for the Muslim Charities Forum and other charitable foundations.


Our Team


Zain manages the Foundation’s Preferred Partner scheme, leading on engagement with university partners and higher education stakeholders.

As well as completing his PhD in law at Birkbeck, University of London, Zain has previously worked in higher education administration and policy. This includes acting as an auditor on behalf of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the University of Kent. He also holds an honorary lifetime membership of Kent Union, in recognition of his achievements in the field of student democracy and governance, and currently acts in an advisory capacity to the Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Doctoral Education (YCEDE). 


Our Team


Layla oversees all the internal and external communications for the Foundation. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Foundation’s digital channels and leads on developing strategy and content for the Foundation’s website, social media channels and internal communications. Layla now leads on Outreach activities to engage new audiences to promote and raise awareness of the Foundation’s work.

Layla is a multi-award-winning writer and editor with five years’ experience working for leading publications in the UK, the US and the Middle East. She has also worked in Communications for Higher Education Institutes including University College London and University of Leeds.



Former Grantees

“We are not here to replicate or compete, but to strengthen and enhance organisations
already working with those communities we seek to support.”

The foundation has made grants in the past to the following organisations:


The Adavu Project

Adavu is a project of the Birmingham Methodist District. The Foundation is supporting its aims to support rescued victims of modern slavery to recover and lead independent and fulfilled lives. The project assists clients with GP registration, securing benefits, skills training and work experience.

The Advocacy Academy

The Advocacy Academy is a transformational eight-month social leadership programme for teenagers in South London. The Foundation will support the expansion of the Academy’s work across London.

Afrotech Fest

Afrotech Fest was created in response to the underrepresentation of black people in the technology industry – especially those who are marginalised in additional ways – as well as tech conferences and festivals being too expensive for many to attend. Its aim is to create a festival that is intentionally diverse and inclusive of those often excluded. The Foundation part funded the Afro Tech Fest 2018 at London’s Rich Mix.

Amin & Yasmin

Amin & Yasmin create resources for deaf children. The Foundation is supporting their deaf awareness campaign and sponsoring the production of a book on Islamic Sign Language.

Approachable Parenting

Approachable Parenting draws on Islamic principles to provide guidance and skills to people raising children. The Foundation is supporting the development of their online resources.

Arakan Creative

Arakan Creative is an arts organisation specialising in stories within the Islamic world.The Foundation’s grant will support the delivery of workshops in schools to promote inter-religious respect by means of these comic books.

Arts in the Yard

Arts in the Yard is a membership organisation and local forum based in Birmingham. The Foundation is funding an art installation around the theme of migration and the facilitation of discussion in Birmingham around the prejudice and discrimination faced by migrants.

Basaira Elderly Centre

Basaira Elderly Centre provides support to the elderly members of the BAME community of Lambeth. The Foundations is supporting the centre in its efforts to encourage the elderly to gather and socialise in a supportive environment via regular luncheons and events.

The Berakah Project

The Berakah Project is a brand new inter-faith music initiative dedicated to enabling young people to develop greater confidence for multi-faith dialogue. The Aziz Foundation provided partial seed funding for this innovative drive to help future generations cross the boundaries of race, religion and culture.

Britain Thinks

Britain Thinks is an insight and strategy consultancy service. The Foundation is supporting their research into effective communication strategies for Muslim civil society organisations.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross Society is the United Kingdom body of the worldwide neutral and impartial humanitarian network the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The Foundation is supporting their Hampshire Young Refugees Together Project. This project provides a holistic young refugee (YR) service in Hampshire for 15-25 year olds that will work with especially challenged YRs and unaccompanied and separated children during their complex and difficult transition to adulthood.

Byline Festival

Byline Festival, a weekend of discussions around the theme of ethical, investigative journalism, features comedy, music and theatre. We are supporting a cohort of young people to attend and experience a bespoke programme over two days that will inspire and encourage them to explore journalism as a career.

Cambridge Muslim College

Cambridge Muslim College is an education, research and training facility for Muslim academics and faith practitioners. Along with Ebrahim College, Cambridge Muslim College is delivery partner on our Muslim Leadership Development Programme.

Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church

Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church (CSMBC) provide opportunities for young, elderly, isolated and disadvantaged people from the local community to engage in a wide range of sports, recreational, artistic, cultural and educational activities, aimed at significantly improving their health wellbeing, self-esteem, education and confidence and promoting racial and ethnic integration.

Centre for Islam and Medicine

The Centre for Islam and Medicine facilitates research and knowledge sharing around questions at the intersection of religion and science. The Foundation is supporting a series of workshops to help faith and medical practitioners understand the relationship between Islam and legal, ethical, practical perspectives on medicine and health.

Chickpea Press

Chickpea Press is an independent publishing house which focuses on producing books and digital apps inspired by the great spiritual traditions of the world. The Aziz Foundation is funding the research and publication of a new book by children’s author and illustrator Daniel Dyer, on the topic of divine names.

Coventry University

The Foundation is part-funding research led by Coventry University to document how the statutory duty requiring education establishments to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism” is being implemented, and its implications for teachers, students, parents and wider communities.

Developing Artists

Developing Artists is a theatre-based company working to support the arts in post-conflict nations and deprived communities. The Aziz Foundation supported a UK-wide tour of the company’s highly acclaimed play, Queens of Syria, featuring the stories of 14 Syrian women residing in the refugee camps of Jordan.

Drum Roll HQ

Drum Roll HQ is a developer of learning games that encourage children to code and engage with STEM subjects. The Foundation support their Erase All Kittens Coding Club which teaches girls aged 8-13 coding skills and encourages creativity via ‘hackathons’ and mini ‘game jams’ in a real world context.

Durham University

Durham University is a 600-year old collegiate public research institution and recognised as a world top 100 university. The Aziz Foundation will be supporting a new research project looking at policy and grant-making initiatives supporting the social inclusion of Muslim communities.

Ebrahim College

Ebrahim College is a traditional Islamic seminary designed to equip students with skills needed for the modern world. Along with Cambridge Muslim College, they are partners on our Muslim Leadership Development Programme.

Elders Voice

Elders Voice supports older people and older people with dementia. The Foundation will be supporting their Yoga Connects: Battling Dementia Project which will improve the mental and physical health of elderly people in Brent.

Equality and Diversity Forum

The Equality and Diversity Forum is a national network of organisations committed to equal opportunities and social justice. They will increase coordinated efforts to tackle hate crimes by looking at prevention strategies, responses by public authorities, action by transport authorities and internet providers on different types of hate crimes.

Everyday Muslim

Everyday Muslim’s aim is to collect and document the presence and contribution of Muslims through images, interviews and documents; to provide a comprehensive and unmediated portrayal of Muslim life in Britain. The Foundation is funding a series of short films that will capture and share authentic narratives about the Black Muslim experience in British history.

Football Beyond Borders TV

Football Beyond Borders (FBB) uses football to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds develop new skills and confidence. The Aziz Foundation is supporting the FBB’s TV initiative: a digital media channel which provides young people with the opportunities to produce their own media stories.

Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation seeks to bring together previously unknown stories of the diversity in the First World War by uncovering unique documents in English, French, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi – including photographs, field reports, personal diaries, and letters that didn’t make it home. The Foundation is funding a book focussing on the human aspects of the global allied Muslim experience of the First World War.

Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now is a social justice organisation working as part of a global movement that works for change, and acts in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south. The Foundation is funding the Demand the Impossible course, which empowers young people from BME and lower income communities with the skills they need to engage in public life and advocate for their communities’ needs.

Goldsmith's University of London

The Aziz Foundation is supporting Goldsmith’s University to scope, devise, pilot and disseminate a Religion and Belief Equality Index as a tool to help workplaces and service providers engage religion and belief effectively.

Grenfell Muslim Response Unit

The Grenfell Muslim Response Unit was set up by independent volunteers in response to the Grenfell Fire of 2017. The Foundation is supporting the GRMU’s work in serving the medium and long-term needs of those impacted by the fire, in particular to support them with funerals, counselling and legal advice.

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is a global non-profit organisation which aims to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The Foundation is funding work that will tackle homelessness and destitution amongst survivors of modern slavery in UK communities through the provision of specialist advocacy, welfare assistance, and access to legal advice.

Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre

Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre provides support services to Asian women and their families, raising their awareness of important issues, enhancing opportunity and influencing mainstream policy and practice. The Foundation is funding a scheme that supports isolated older Bangladeshi women by matching them with befrienders who share similar interests and location.

Inter Madrassah Organisation

Inter Madrassah Organisation use peer support and expert advice to help Muslim communities solve problems related to education, employability, health and wellbeing. The Foundation is supporting a project specifically to help reduce isolation and counter stigma around mental health for perinatal women

Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI is a global market and opinion research specialist organisation. The Foundation is funding a pilot study on the attitudes and opinions of British Muslim citizens on a range of socially debated issues using survey and polling data.

Islamic Society of Britain

The Islamic Society of Britain is a community based charity and not-for-profit company. Established in 1990, they were one of the first organisations that sought to evolve a uniquely British flavour to Islam. The Aziz Foundation is funding their Muslim Youth Empowerment programme to support empowerment of Muslim youth through a multifaceted, contemporary and engaging interaction.


Liberty is the UK’s leading domestic human rights NGO. It is a multi-disciplinary organisation with strong membership base and close contacts across the political spectrum. The organisation will carry out strategic litigation, public campaigns and targeted policy work to draw attention to and counter policies designed to bring border control in-county so that migrants, refugees and asylum seekers face difficulty accessing health and education provisions.

London Gypsies and Travellers

The Foundation is supporting London Gypsies and Travellers to deliver a research project to chart the heritage, presence in public life and the inequalities faced by Gypsies and Travellers in the UK.

Lyric Hammersmith

The Lyric Hammersmith is one of the UK’s leading producing theatres. The Aziz Foundation supported the Lyric’s new theatre-based storytelling and confidence-building programme delivered for the benefit of young Muslim women aged 16-25, which included a one-off live performance at the Lyric by all participants.

Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum is the UK’s leading university museum. The Aziz Foundation is supporting their Memories of Partition exhibition which documents the collective memory of those affected by the 1947 Partition of India.


Maslaha creates new ways of tackling issues affecting Muslim communities in the fields of education, criminal justice, health and gender. The Foundation is supporting Maslaha’s Book of Travels: an Ottoman shadow puppetry show exploring Muslim identity and ‘radicalism’ in the modern world.

Migration Museum

The Migration Museum Project is shining a light on the many ways that the movement of people to and from Britain across the ages has shaped who we are –as individuals, as communities, and as a nation. The Foundation is funding the ‘No Turning Back: Seven migration moments that changed Britain interactive exhibition.

Morden Park Trust

This landmark project will renovate 65 acres of disused fields for the creation of a self-sustainable sports enterprise. The Aziz Foundation will be supporting the development which will include 4 new football pitches; 2 rugby pitches; 2 cricket pitches, and a Pavilion which will house a swimming pool and café.


Founded by Prince Charles, Mosaic aims to inspire young people from deprived communities to recognise their own talents and potential. The Aziz Foundation is supporting Mosaic’s ‘Futures Primary School Mentoring Project’ which will link young girls with mentors and role models from professional backgrounds.


The MUJU Crew provides new platforms for Muslim-Jewish creative collaboration. The Aziz Foundation part-funded MUJU’s 3-day Creative Link project to engage Year 9 students with storytelling, theatre and visual arts. We are also funding the filming of MUJU sketches and supporting their Glass Half Full project which facilitates discussion, networking and performances by artists from Muslim and Jewish communities.

Muslim Institute

The Muslim Institute (MI) is a fellowship society seeking to support and inspire open debate within and between Muslim communities and wider society. The Aziz Foundation will be part-funding the MI’s quarterly journal, Critical Muslim: a new platform for intellectuals to rethink Islam for contemporary times.

Muslim Youth Helpline

The Muslim Youth Helpline is an award-winning free and confidential helpline service. The Aziz Foundation is working to support MYH through the provision of a Patrons grant as well as funding a new training initiative to educate 600 teachers in 50 schools on the topics of addiction, bullying and mental health.


TRiBE is a UK-wide organisation that provides personal development and leadership programmes that encourage and empower black women. The Foundation is supporting the development of their mentor portal and will allow young black women to select and make contact with potential mentors.

National Theatre

The Aziz Foundation supported the National Theatre’s acclaimed piece ‘Another World: Losing Our Children to I.S.’ to be showcased at Mulberry School for Girls (London) in a one-off special. The Foundation are also funding Zhangal (Jungle) a co-production with Young Vic Theatre exploring experiences of refugees and migrants at the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp.

National Zakat Foundation

The National Zakat Foundation aims to utilise zakat (donation) funds collected in the United Kingdom for the benefit of local vulnerable communities, including widows, orphans and the homeless. The Aziz foundation will be supporting the NZF to create a new income generation stream for student scholarships.

Notre Dame Refugee Centre

Notre Dame Refugee Centre offers an advice and support service for refugees and asylum seekers. The Foundation is part funding the centre’s core services and a telephone immigration advice line.

New Horizons

New Horizons engages in critical discussions around Muslim identity, tradition and reform to provide a positive, contextual vision of what it means to be Muslim today. The Aziz Foundation contributed funding towards New Horizons’ annual ‘British Islam Conference: A Marketplace of Ideas’: a weekend-long event to encourage the development of British Muslim thought, identity and culture.


Olmec aims to improve the life opportunities of people living in the most disadvantaged communities. They do this by bringing about positive and lasting change in the lives of people living in areas of disadvantage and deprivation. Olmec is a charitable company. The Foundation is funding their Black on Board leadership initiative to train people for governing board positions.

One Roof Leicester

One Roof Leicester supports individuals who have experienced, are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. The Foundation is supporting their Winter Night Shelter which facilitates interfaith collaboration to provide food and shelter.

Operation Black Vote

Operation Black Vote campaigns for racial justice and equality. The Foundation is funding a parliamentary shadowing scheme to nurture a new generation of political and civic leaders from BME backgrounds.

Platform London

Platform London combines art, activism, education and research in its approach to raise awareness about social and ecological justice. The Foundation is supporting its project to train 50 young BME Londoners to lead creative responses to youth-related violence.

Race Equality First

Race Equality First is an independent charity working in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to promote equality. It offers a range of services including free, confidential advice and support to victims of discrimination/harassment. The Foundation is funding a support group for asylum seekers and refugees where they can meet, socialise and get support.

Ramadan Tent

Ramadan Tent (RT) is an award winning community-led initiative fostering interfaith dialogue and social change. The Aziz Foundation supported the RT’s ‘Open Iftar 2016’, which brought together Muslim, non-Muslim and homeless communities across the UK every evening during the month of Ramadan for the sharing of food, stories, and cultural exchange.


Reclaim run programmes to increase the confidence, resilience and leadership skills of young people. The Foundation will support a three-day workshop for Year 8 Muslim students on developing critical thinking skills.

Red Rag Productions

Red Rag Productions is an independent production company dedicated to making films on contemporary issues affecting minority communities in European societies. The Aziz Foundation is supporting its production of a documentary about the lives of four Muslim women in four European cities and the tensions they face in “asserting their Muslim identities.”

Refugee Action

Refugee Action provides practical support and guidance for refugees. The Foundation is supporting their Families United project which supports children who are reunited with family members in the UK


The Foundation is funding Restoke’s work with marginalised communities and individuals in Stoke-on-Trent, an area of high socio-economic depravation. The projects will provide a platform for lesser-heard voices through participations and co-creation of high-quality performances which tell the most important stories from Stoke-on-Trent.

Rights Info

RightsInfo builds knowledge and support for human rights in the UK by producing engaging, accessible and beautifully-presented award-winning infographics, stories, videos and explainers. The Foundation is funding its work with Muslim organisations t produce content to combat prejudice and correct misinformation.

The Runnymede Trust

Runnymede is a race equality think tank. Twenty years after Runnymede’s original report on Islamophobia, the Aziz Foundation is supporting the publication of a report revisiting the findings in today’s context.

Sadaqa Day

The Foundation will part-fund Sadaqa Day 2016, a day of Muslim-led social action aimed at Muslim families, institutions, youth groups and community groups. It is open to all and one of its main objectives is to bring people together from different backgrounds who have not worked together or met each other before.

Safe Passage

Safe Passage helps unaccompanied child refugees and vulnerable adults to find safe and legal routes to the UK. The Foundation has provided grants for its organisational funding as well as its Kinder Transport Campaign.

Save the Children

Save the Children’s “Communities Project” works with families in Hackney to provide after-school services to children. The Foundation is part funding its expansion into other UK cities.

Spare Tyre

Spare Tyre is a participatory arts-based charity. The Aziz Foundation is supporting their multi-sensory training sessions for carers of people with dementia.

Sufra NW

Sufra NW London addresses both the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, homelessness and social isolation in the community. The Foundation is funding a programme to support disadvantaged families suffering food poverty in the local area.

Theatre Royal Stratford East

Theatre Royal Stratford is an award-winning theatre in the heart of East London. The Foundation is funding its ‘Spoken Word: Hidden Voices’ programme of weekly creative writing, performance and mentoring skills workshops to refugee and migrant girls aged 13-18.

The Traveller Movement

The Traveller Movement seeks to raise the profile of Travellers, Gypsies and Roma in Britain and increase their say in decision making forums. The Foundation is part funding a leadership programme for Gypsy Roma Traveller Women.

Tricycle Theatre

The Tricycle Theatre is known for its British premieres, production of new writing and its engagement with the local community. The Aziz Foundation is supporting the pre-production process required for an ambitious stage play that will champion diversity on the London stage.


UpRising is a youth leadership initiative working to equip young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with new opportunities to fulfil their leadership potential. The Aziz Foundation is supporting its ‘One Million Mentors” initiative which aims to connect one million mentors with one million young people with a view to developing new talent.

Vallance Community Sports Association

Vallance Community Sports Association aims to improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing in children and young people. They will be creating a sports festival for disabled people and growing their sports coaching provisions

West London Mission

West London Mission serves the homeless and marginalised in London. The Foundation is supporting their Eat & Heat project which will give homeless people the opportunity to access food, warmth and hygiene facilities.

You Press

You Press supports young writers and poets to bring their work to wider audiences. They are part-funded by the Foundation and are working with Park Theatre on Voices of The Movement, a project that pairs migrants and refugees with artists to build confidence, creativity, leadership and skills.

Zahid Mubarek Trust

The Zahid Mubarek trust (ZMT) was founded to challenge discriminations and inequalities within the UK criminal justice system. The Aziz Foundation is supporting the ZMT in the delivery of a lifelong learning programme to 60 young prisoners from BAME backgrounds to help improve their rehabilitation and resettlement outcomes.

University Arts London: Refugee Journalism Project

The Foundation is supporting the London College of Communication, UAL Refugee Journalism Project. This project delivers industry training, mentoring and publishing opportunities to 170 refugees with journalistic backgrounds, who currently face significant barriers to employment.



Have a question about Aziz Foundation or our scholarship
program? Use our FAQ section for some quick answers.

Who are these Scholarships for?

Muslims who wish to raise aspirations and standards and facilitate better representation of British Muslim communities in civil society.

What are the opening and closing dates for these applications?

Scholarship applications can be submitted from 12pm (noon) Monday 11th January and the final date to submit an application will be 9am Monday 26th June. Late applications will not be considered.

How do I make an application?

From January 2021, you can make an application through the Aziz Foundation website.

What is the process time for this scheme?

Applicants will be notified within 6-8 weeks whether they have been shortlisted for an interview. The assessment and awarding process will be carried out over two cycles. The earliest start for courses we can consider is June 2021. If your course starts between June 2021-August 2021, you must apply during cycle 1, otherwise we won’t be able to consider your application. For courses starting from September 2021, you may apply in either cycle.

What criteria will be used in assessing the application?

We shall be looking for candidates to demonstrate that they are able to fulfil at least some of the following criteria: ● Able to successfully complete their proposed course of study ● Dedication to bettering British Muslim communities and wider society ● Experiencing financial barriers to pursuing further study ● The course will benefit career prospects and/or assist in development in current career geared towards community service ● Willingness to advocate on behalf of communities ● Desire to proactively tackle Islamophobia in society

Are there any restrictions that apply on courses that are covered by the scholarships?

Courses applied for must be at Masters level. We do not fund PhDs, Undergraduate courses, PGCEs, LPCs or PG Dips. Please also consider the specific exemptions that apply to individual partnerships [Hyperlink]. Moreover, courses will be awarded in the following subject areas only: ● Law: Candidates who hold high aspirations to excel in the legal profession and especially those who wish to become judges ● Media & Journalism: Candidates driven to champion greater diversity and inclusivity in the media ● Tech & Creative Content: Candidates with a desire to ensure better representation n the tech and creative industries ● Policy: Candidates with a passion for influencing public policy in the UK, to ensure that it is equitable and responsive to the needs of minority communities, especially Muslim communities (excluding health policy) For the 2021-22 academic year, we will NOT be funding courses within the science, engineering and mathematics disciplines, including health policy.

Is there any financial limit to your scholarships?

There is currently no upper limit to the funding we offer.. However, please note that we cover tuition fees only and that more expensive courses may receive partial funding only (up to 100%). We will not consider bearing the cost of maintenance.

When must my course start?

The course you are applying for must commence in the academic year 2021-22, entry from June onwards. You may therefore also apply for entry in January 2022. Please note that applicants hoping to gain admission to courses commencing early (i.e. prior to September) will have to apply in the first application cycle (see above).

Does the course have to be full-time?

No. We also fund part time courses and online courses.

Does the course have to be at a British university?

Yes, as long as the University has opted into the Foundation’s Preferred Partners scheme. Please see here [hyperlink] for the full list.

Can I be funded to undertake a second Masters?

You can be funded, as long as you meet the other stipulated requirements.

If I have started a two year Masters, can I be funded for the second year?

Yes, as long as the second year commences in the academic year 2021-22.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

Those who qualify for Home Fees status. International students will not be considered.

Will there be an interview?

Yes. Shortlisted candidates will usually be invited to attend an interview face-to-face at our office in central London or remotely. However, due to social distancing restrictions all candidates in the first cycle will be interviewed remotely. Due to the high volume of applications we process, it will not be possible to provide you individual feedback on your application. If you are not notified a month after submission, please assume your application has not progressed to the next stage.

Will my financial circumstances be assessed?

Yes. Means testing will be carried out on the information supplied in the application form and, if shortlisted, at the interview stage. This will examine the financial barriers faced and take into account the following, although this should not be taken as an exhaustive list: ● Home address ● Secondary school(s) attended ● Amount of student debt (this ought to be evidenced with appropriate documentation) ● First generation to go to university ● Financial commitments, dependents and caring responsibilities


For any questions related to the Aziz Foundation and our programs, please use the contact details or form provided.

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