PROGRAMME Our Scholarships Programme offers 100% tuition fee Masters scholarships to support British Muslims to study at UK universities.

Application Overview

From 2021, we shall be collaborating exclusively with our Preferred Partners, and as a consequence scholarships will be offered only to candidates studying Masters degrees at institutions which have joined our Preferred Partners scheme.

Moreover, scholarships will only be awarded to individuals with career aspirations in the following disciplines:

– Law
– Media & Journalism
– Policy (excluding health policy)


Scholarships Plus - Mentors

Our mentoring scheme matches experienced, top class professionals with Aziz Scholars seeking opportunities to expand their networks, benefit from career advice, and develop their leadership skills. Mentors are sourced from a range of sectors including from the journalism and media industry, the legal profession, the civil service and academia.


Scholarships Plus - Internships

The Foundation works with organisations in industries where Muslims are traditionally underrepresented (e.g. Journalism, Policy, Law etc.) to deliver internship opportunities to Aziz alumni. These internships are paid and are typically three months long. They are a valuable opportunity for our alumni to hone their job application skills, explore a career pathway and gain useful industry experience and contacts.


Scholarships Plus - Seminars

As part of our Scholarships Plus + programme, we also offer a number of webinars to our scholars to help facilitate and develop their leadership skills and provide them with wider networks through which they can access further opportunities. By hosting workshops and panel events with significant individuals from a variety of sectors, our scholars are able to network and engage with key individuals within their disciplines.