Beyond scholarships, we offer our scholars and alumni a vast network and resources to advance their professional careers and their personal community based projects. This includes tailored mentoring programmes, internships providing invaluable industry experience, and seminars from seasoned professionals.

Ayesha Ahmed


Our mentoring scheme matches experienced, top class professionals with Aziz Scholars seeking opportunities to expand their networks, benefit from career advice, and develop their leadership skills. Mentors are sourced from a range of sectors including from the journalism and media industry, the legal profession, the civil service and academia.


As part of our Scholarships Plus programme, we also offer a number of webinars to our scholars to help facilitate and develop their leadership skills and provide them with wider networks through which they can access further opportunities. By hosting workshops and panel events with significant individuals from a variety of sectors, our scholars are able to network and engage with key individuals within their disciplines.

Seminars photo
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