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About Us Aziz Foundation offers Masters scholarships to British Muslims, enabling them, in partnership with UK universities, to progress in their career.

The Aziz Foundation is a family charitable foundation established to nurture confident, articulate public leaders of Muslim background who are able to critically engage with public narratives and address the social challenges facing British Muslim communities and wider society.



Yasmin Rashid

I am a psychology graduate and teacher who is passionate about helping people overcome emotional & mental difficulties. Recently, I founded a non profit offering well-being coaching and counselling to young people using the arts, as well as community events serving disadvantaged groups.

Mussa Yousef

Everything we do now leaves a trail. Whether it is a transaction or a quick Google search, we are continually building our ‘cache’, which essentially makes us vulnerable. With the furthering of my education in this field, I aim to, firstly, gain insight then ultimately begin linking datasets without limitations, maximising adaptability within communities.

Hannah Dualeh

My political subjectivity was formed when the Coalition government came to power in 2009, drastically shaping the lives of my Somali community in Liverpool. I’ve witnessed media and political discourses in the UK obliterate the socio-economic impact of austerity on the everyday lives of Muslim women.

Hussein Kesvani

After completing a BA in History at the University of York in 2013, I trained as a newspaper journalist at Lambeth College. In 2019, I published my first book, Follow Me Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims, in which I explored how digital culture and social technology influenced the way British Muslims understood themselves.

Nimra Shahid

I studied for an MA in Interactive Journalism at City University. Alongside my studies in digital and data-led journalism, I freelanced with the Guardian, where I published an exclusive, front-page political investigation and a series on Britons stranded abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to a change in government policy.

Maryam Dharas

I am pursuing a Masters in Global Politics at LSE as I believe that in order to tackle the discrimination faced by British Muslims, we must first understand the political systems from which it is borne. In pursuing the study of Politics through an international lens, I aim for my research to demonstrate the need for an intersectional approach.

Dilara Altun

As a recent graduate during a pandemic, I have recognised my privilege to be able to access and complete my education in a safe environment, but I am aware that this is not the case for everyone. This is one of the many reasons I am keen on dedicating my career to help marginalised communities who face injustices.

Saima Akhtar

My lifelong passion for writing, coupled with my curiosity about people and events, has inspired me to tell stories for a living. In 2019, I obtained my undergraduate degree in History & American Studies from the University of Manchester. I am grateful for this generous sponsorship opportunity from The Aziz Foundation.

Sahra Mohamed

My current work in Health Communications has enhanced my interest in improving health literacy in the British Muslim community, particularly in the area of vaccine confidence. I hope to use my experience in public health and social policy to address Islamic concerns surrounding vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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