AMmar sabouni

Ammar Sabouni


In Syria, caring for someone’s injuries for months, only for a barrel bomb to kill them made me realise that my medical profession, though noble, treats but does not cure the problem. This was my motivation to seek deep-rooted change first in public health, and now in public policy.

I am now completing an academic-clinical fellowship at the Centre for Universal Health at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, where I worked on the effect of conflict and instability on non-communicable diseases and mental health.

I am arriving at the Blavatnik School as an Aziz Foundation scholar, eager to use what I will learn on the MPP to address health and wellbeing inequities as root causes of instability in the UK. My interests lie in healthcare worker education in conflict, integration of refugee healthcare workers into host workforces, and morality and public policy making.

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