aysun bora

Aysun Bora Bloomberg Picture


Aysun Bora believes it is the duty of journalists to shed light on injustices and hold power accountable. Known for her unwavering curiosity and commitment to truth, she pursued a degree in Journalism, Film, and Media at the University of Stirling. Now, as a recent graduate, she is ready to specialize in Global Financial Journalism.

Through her Master's program, Aysun aims to develop the skills necessary to uncover and investigate international financial and political stories. As a multimedia, multicultural journalist, she brings a unique perspective shaped by her upbringing in Germany as the daughter of Turkish immigrants and her academic journey in Scotland.

Aysun is particularly passionate about addressing the misrepresentation of Middle Eastern culture in the media and aspires to contribute to a more inclusive and accurate portrayal. She hopes to use her investigative skills and critical questions to help create a media landscape that better represents all communities.

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