aziz foundation and ramadan tent project host open iftar in trafalgar square

09 April 2024

Open Iftar Trafalgar Square 2024
Open Iftar Trafalgar Square 2024 2

The Aziz Foundation and Ramadan Tent Project have hosted an open iftar in Trafalgar Square, in the West End of London, bringing together a wide variety of different communities, faith leaders and sections of civil society, in a spirit of unity and togetherness.

In iconic surroundings, the iftar was organised by Ramadan Tent Project, and sponsored by the Aziz Foundation, amongst other notable organisations.

The iftar, for many, represented the breaking of the penultimate fast of Ramadan, prior to the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month.

Rahima Aziz BEM, trustee of the Foundation, spoke at the event alongside Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, and Patricia McAllister, Lord Mayor of Westminister City Council.

In her speech, Rahima Aziz said:

"These iftars bring together people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, and are a great demonstration of one of the essential values of Islam. And that is community!

...Ramadan has felt particularly difficult this year as we think of all those who are suffering around the world. 

The rising numbers of incidents of religious hatred seen across the UK weighs heavy on my heart. This is the time to remind ourselves of what Islam is about, and redouble our efforts to bring unity and peace to society."

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