Aziz Foundation announces Freelance Journalist Role at Religion and Media Centre

27 March 2024


The Aziz Foundation is partnering with the Religion and Media Centre to offer a one year freelance journalist role.

The Centre is looking to bolster its news coverage by employing an experienced freelance journalist. The postholder will be Muslim and have an excellent understanding of British Muslim communities. They will contribute to the Centre's output across the board, providing a weekly bulletin of Muslim news, including stories about British Islam and wider global stories of interest to a British audience.

The Religion Media Centre is an independent organisation, unaffiliated to any faith group, which seeks to help the media report religion.

It produces daily bulletins of religious news, a weekly summary, weekly zoom briefings where a panel discusses a story in the headlines and factsheets or explainers on the background to news stories about religion.

For more information, the Job Description, and to apply  please see here.

Application Deadline: Wednesday 24th April 2024, 12 noon

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