Aziz Foundation brings new ramadan lights to west end

08 March 2024

Ramadan Lights 2 (2024)
Sadiq Khan, Asif & Rahima Aziz Ramadan Lights
AF Team Ramadan Lights Reception 2024

The Aziz Foundation has brought new, spectacular Ramadan Lights to the West End. The aerial lights, overhanging Coventry Street in Westminster, have been given a brand new design. This is the second year Ramadan Lights have brightened up Central London, spreading the joy of the Muslim holy month to all communities.

The design of the lights takes inspiration from Islamic geometric patterns and symbols of dawn and sunset. In an exciting twist this year, the lights will transform towards the end of the month to say 'Happy Eid'.

The Ramadan Lights were switched on in a ceremony by Rahima Aziz, Trustee of the Aziz Foundation, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

During the ceremony, Rahima Aziz emphasised in her address that,

"These lights are a beacon of solidarity and harmony, representing the coming together of people from all faiths and none in this great, multicultural city. They are also a celebration of Muslims in Britain, a bold and prominent display of how proud we are to be Muslims at a time of shocking levels of hate towards Muslims and other faith groups."

Ramadan Lights is a community project in which several key partners have worked together in a collaborative spirit. These include the Lantern design agency, Heart of London Business Alliance, Westminster City Council, and Aisha Desai, the Founder of Ramadan Lights UK.

The Aziz Foundation would like to invite members of the public to the West End to view and enjoy the Lights during the holy month.

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