Aziz Foundation Supports Evening Standard and The Independent Apprenticeships

24 August 2021

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The Aziz Foundation is delighted to announce its support for two editorial apprenticeships to young, up-and coming journalists.

The apprentices, Syraat Al Mustaqeem and Furvah Sayda, will spend fifteen months in their roles, learning the ropes from within the heart of two of London’s most popular news outlets, the Evening Standard and The Independent, respectively. They will also receive day-release training for the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) Diploma.

Syraat is committed to uplifting communities of colour and working class people, who are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis. Her goal as a journalist is to report on issues that affect Muslims from various communities and shine a light on the positive work being done at the grassroots level.

Meanwhile Furvah is passionate about increasing, bettering and diversifying representations of Muslims within mainstream media, especially with respect to Muslim women. Her undergraduate dissertation explored representations of Muslim women in Western television and film, and she intends to continue developing her portfolio of content, in addition to contributing to the social betterment of her community.

The Aziz Foundation acknowledges the vast underrepresentation of Muslims and people of colour in the field of Journalism, and aims to facilitate more British Muslims’ entry into the industry.

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