Brunel University London joins Preferred Partner Scheme

06 February 2024

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The Aziz Foundation is exceedingly pleased to announce that it will now be offering Master's scholarships at Brunel University London, where talented British Muslims can receive a scholarship to undertake postgraduate study.

The institution has demonstrated that it is committed to extending widening participation to the postgraduate level, and creating an inclusive learning environment for British Muslim students. Initiatives such as the Urban Scholars Programme and the Young Scholars Programme strongly indicate the importance that the university places on diversifying access.

Brunel University London further supports its student population - of which a third identifies as Muslim and over a half come from minoritised communities - through the Student Success Programme. The scheme ensures all students have the opportunity to succeed through enhancing provision of support and facilitating a sense of belonging, reviewing assessment methods and curriculum. The University also actively promotes and participates in islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) and runs dedicated training for staff and students to practically combat Islamophobia in daily life.

The Foundation aims to collaborate with the university in order to increase accessibility and enhance the prospects of British Muslim communities studying postgraduate taught degrees for a range of Media, Journalism and International Relations courses.

For more information and to apply, please click here - applications for the first scholarship application cycle closes on 28th March.

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