Faiza Mahdi


Faiza Mahdi embarks on her LLM in legal practice (and SQE) in September 2024, propelled by a profound dedication to justice and a fervent advocacy for British Muslims. Her path into law was shaped during her tenure within the prison and education sectors, where she witnessed firsthand the systemic injustices experienced by Muslims and the pervasive challenges of workplace discrimination. These experiences ignited her determination to pursue a legal career aimed at addressing these issues.

Recognising the critical need for legal representation within Muslim communities, Faiza believes that the Aziz Foundation scholarship will play a pivotal role in her journey. This scholarship will enable her to enhance her legal expertise and effectively support individuals confronting discrimination. With a keen focus on employment and criminal law, she aspires to foster greater synergy between legal rights and cultural nuances.

Faiza Mahdi is driven by a deep-seated commitment to bridging the gap between legal frameworks and the lived realities of British Muslims. Her goal is to reshape the legal landscape to ensure fair treatment and justice for all, while making a meaningful contribution to broader society.

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