Muhammad Meki

Muhammed Meki

As the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Fellow in Islamic Finance, Muhammad Meki’s research interests are focused on the effect of equity-like (Musharakah-based) microfinance contracts (which involve profit and loss sharing and/or shared asset ownership) on the investment and growth of microenterprises in developing countries.

Muhammad is also a lecturer at the Oxford Department of International Development.Before undertaking his doctoral research (in the University’s Department of Economics and St. John’s College, Oxford), Muhammad Meki worked for five years in financial markets (Bank of America in London and Deutsche Bank in Singapore) where he traded fixed-income products, foreign exchange derivatives and government bonds.

He has previously completed postgraduate degrees in Finance (MSc, London School of Economics), Economics (PGDip, Cambridge), and Economics for Development (MSc, Oxford).

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