Ramadan Lights switched on in the West End

31 May 2023

2023.3.21 - HOLBA_©tomwebb_21472-

The first aerial Ramadan Lights in London, overhanging Coventry Street, have been switched on in the West End to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

The opening ceremony to mark the occasion was attended by Rahima Aziz, trustee of the Aziz Foundation; Aisha Desai, Founder of Ramadan Lights; and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The Foundation has worked closely over the last eight months with the Heart of London Business Alliance and Ramadan Lights, in bringing the Lights to life. The design was a collaborative effort involving the three main parties and Field & Lawn, who also oversaw production and installation. Financial support for the project came initially from the Aziz Foundation, and thereafter other community organisations and public donations. The Lights are attached to Aziz family properties, who graciously gave permission for the lights to be installed above Coventry Street.

Image credit: HOLBA

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