Samantar Osman

Samantar Osman


As a SOAS BA African Studies graduate, archivist and community-based facilitator, I have learnt of the historiographical implications on the lives of marginalised communities, due to the unabating effects and impact of Empire.

I am keen and ambitious about archives and the importance of documenting British Muslim communities. I want to build a career in the archival field and facilitate workshops with local communities, enabling them to re-engage with their archives, local histories, and spaces, especially Muslim communities.

This Masters will empower me with a stronger understanding of London as a city and its communities from a sociological and a localised perspective. I always transfer the skills I have gained - with an African-centred interdisciplinary focus - and aim to provide community workshops on owning and cataloguing our histories to showcase our tireless historical efforts, and the incredible work British Muslims have contributed to London and Britain.

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