Shams Islam

Shams Islam


I recently graduated from the LSE with a BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. During this, I was able to research the effects of ideological preferences on migration decisions, and I quickly realised I wanted to develop these research skills further. This is why I’ve decided to undertake an MPhil in Economics at the University of Cambridge.

I plan to focus on public and labour economics, with a particular emphasis on education. An interest of mine is to explore the decision-making process of taking interest-based student loans for Muslim students, compared to non-Muslims students, and how this affects educational and labour market outcomes.

Upon completion, I plan to pursue a career as a government economist within the UK civil service, with a particular interest in working for the Department for Education. I’m also considering undertaking doctoral studies mid-career, after finding the economic issues within society which most resonate with me.

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