Shehnaz Malik

Shehnaz Malik


As a young Muslim woman, my passion for law stems from my desire to bring about positive change within my community and promote justice and equality in society.

I look forward to pursuing further study in areas that bridge the gap between UK law and Shari’a law in alignment with my values and morals. For example, the lack of legal recognition of Muslim marriages disproportionately affects vulnerable women, placing them in a precarious position.

I want to bring in intersectional feminist approaches, striving for justice for women who may feel they do not have a voice, and to ensure that equality is guaranteed for them before the law.

I have always held an interest in the notion of justice, and I fully recognise the central position of law in society as a restorative tool. I am now eager to take the next step in my academic professional journey, which is qualifying as a Solicitor


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