University Partners take part in Islamophobia Awareness Month

09 November 2022


The Aziz Foundation’s University Partners are hosting events, exhibitions, and a range of other activities to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) in November.

IAM provides an opportunity for organisations, universities and employers to raise awareness of the prevalence of Islamophobia in society, and the ways that it can be tackled head on through a variety of inclusive practices and targeted interventions.

Some institutions have already pledged their commitment to eradicating Islamophobia through becoming a supporter of the IAM campaign. IAM have issued a campaign statement on the importance of university participation:

Universities play a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s society. They have the platform to facilitate discussions around the difficulties that society may face today and help to create a culture of respect and understanding. 

The campaign’s vision is for IAM to be widely recognised and supported each year, so it can contribute towards creating a more inclusive society, free from Islamophobia” 

Activities that have so far been organised by universities and student unions include a panel discussion on Muslim Wellbeing While Working, an exhibition on Islamophobia displayed in the Student Union, and a communications campaign around the adoption of the definition of Islamophobia.

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