Birmingham city university

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Preferred Partner Birmingham City University is one of the Aziz Foundation's preferred partners. They share our core values and actively promote Widening Participation at the postgraduate level.

Preferred Partners in Focus: Birmingham city university

Birmingham City University is very adept at catering to its sizable British Muslim student population, which accounts for around a quarter of the campus community.

It implements an Inclusive Curriculum policy, which guides all learning and teaching strategies and practices, and couples this with mandatory EDI training for all academic and professional services staff.

Moreover, the institution has committed to eliminating the degree awarding gap by 2030/31. Key to this is driving the equality and diversity agenda on a department basis, through EDI working groups, in which staff and students work together to, amongst other things, organise inspiring awareness raising events.

The university is also operationalising its Anti-racism Commitment Plan, with applying for Race Equality Charter status a plank of its institutional approach. Moreover, students have access to the multifaith chaplaincy, including Muslim chaplain on campus.


Eligible Programmes:

  • MA Media Production
  • MA Media Production with Professional Placement
  • MA Data Journalism
  • MA Data Journalism with Professional Placement
  • MA Public Relations
  • MA Public Relations with Professional Placement
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