Keele University

Preferred Partner Keele University is one of the Aziz Foundation's preferred partners. They share our core values and actively promote Widening Participation at the postgraduate level.

Preferred Partners in Focus: keele university

Keele University is committed to increasing access to postgraduate study for British Muslims. The University is determined to create an inclusive culture and to eliminate racial disparities for its staff and students, exemplified by holding an Advance HE Race Equality Charter Bronze Award.

The University is also strongly determined to decrease the BAME awarding gap, and has recently seen a slight closing of it. Initiatives that are being implemented to this end include working towards a more representative and diverse curriculum, in collaboration with the Decolonise Keele Network.

Unconscious Bias Awareness and race equality training is a requirement for staff, with additional workshops delivered at departmental levels. As well as developing an online platform, ‘NeverOk’, for reporting racial harassment for students and staff, the institution has employed a Muslim Chaplain to support Muslim students. Alongside Keele’s Race Equality Officer, training is delivered to Student Services, the Students’ Union and professional services personnel on how to support students and staff during the month of Ramadan.

Keele Uni
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