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Preferred Partner University of Westminster is one of the Aziz Foundation's preferred partners. They share our core values and actively promote Widening Participation at the postgraduate level.

Preferred Partners in Focus: university of westminster

The University of Westminster set out an institutional action plan to make clear its commitment to address awarding gaps and the elimination of any form of discrimination. This is informed by 15 key commitments, which the institution has made steps towards implementing through its EDI Committee, including but not limited to: developing cultural sensitivity, creating protocols for racial accountability at each level of the recruitment and promotion process, and conducting equal pay audits.

The key milestones achieved to date include the establishment of a dedicated Education and Teaching Innovation Centre, with a series of ongoing trainings, and support in areas such decolonising and diversifying the curriculum.

The University has a “the Faith and Spirituality Team” to encourage all students and staff to explore their sense of spiritual wellbeing as part of its grounded, holistic education. The Interfaith Advisor holds a qualification in Muslim chaplaincy, with a specialisation in higher education, from the Markfield Institute.

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Jameela Yasmin

Jameela yasmin | LLM Legal pratice course

How did you end up at Westminster?

Having successfully completed my undergraduate Law degree in just two years, I was keen to progress to the next chapter in my career. I thought I would try my luck and apply for the Aziz Foundation and Westminster, given that it is part of the Preferred Partner Scheme, which shows that Westminster shares the same core values on tackling discrimination and opening opportunities to everyone as the Foundation. I was very fortunate to have been chosen as one of the Scholars for the Aziz Foundation and that’s how I ended up at the University of Westminster.

What has your experience at Westminster been like so far?

I've been at the University for just a few months, and my experience has been enjoyable so far. Despite the intense workload, the advantage of being in a central location allows me to take short breaks, go for walks and explore interesting things in between.

What does the Aziz Scholarship mean to you?

The Aziz Scholarship holds immense significance for me as it represents not just a financial support system for my education but also a validation of my dedication and potential. It opens doors to opportunities that might have been otherwise challenging to access. Beyond the financial aspect, it signifies recognition and belief in my abilities, motivating me to make the most of the educational journey it enables.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspirations revolve around developing a successful path in Law, with the ultimate goal of becoming a solicitor. I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to the legal field, taking on responsibilities that allow me to make a positive impact.

How has the Aziz Scholarship made a difference to you?

The Aziz Scholarship has had a profound impact on my academic journey. Without it, pursuing my course would have been an immense challenge given the rising costs of education and the limited available funding. The Aziz Foundation stands out as more than just a financial supporter; they have been truly wonderful. Beyond providing funding, they offer an extensive network and a wealth of support, resources and assistance. Their genuine concern for the individual is evident, as they go the extra mile by offering access to additional programmes for mentoring and other valuable opportunities. I highly recommend individuals seeking to advance their education to explore opportunities with The Aziz Foundation. This organisation doesn't solely focus on Law; they offer scholarships in various fields and are truly a remarkable institution to be associated with.

What are your highlights from Westminster so far?

The most notable aspects of my experience so far are truly my peers. The support and friendliness within my year has been exceptional. There's a genuine willingness among everyone to assist each other in understanding challenging concepts. Witnessing classmates go the extra mile, such as bringing in food for those who come to class directly from work and may not have time to eat, exemplifies the kindness and camaraderie within our group. The overall environment is incredibly positive, creating a truly enjoyable and supportive atmosphere for studying.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating applying to the Scholarship?

My advice would be to apply anyway; the worst they can say is no and not applying guarantees the same outcome.

The Aziz Foundation runs its Scholarship Programme to support British Muslims studying at UK universities, supporting Master’s Scholarships for two students. This year the Foundation has opened up the Scholarships Programme again – offering 100% tuition fee Masters Scholarships to five successful applicants at the University. 

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