Wolfson College Cambridge joins Preferred Partner Scheme

05 June 2023

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The Aziz Foundation will be partnering with Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, where exceptionally talented and deserving British Muslim individuals will be able to study.

With the strong belief that education should be accessible to all, Wolfson College and the Aziz Foundation are determined to break down barriers and empower more British Muslim students to reach their full potential.

Wolfson College President, Professor Jane Clarke, said:

“Education is the most important gift anyone can bestow.  In funding these scholarships, the Aziz Foundation is offering a precious opportunity for members of the British Muslim community to join scholars from across the world to study here in Wolfson College, Cambridge. We promise that ‘if you come to Wolfson, you will learn to see the world in a different way.’ We look forward to welcoming the first Aziz Foundation scholars to Cambridge in October.” 

With an ambition to foster diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within higher education, the collaboration aligns with the mission and values of both institutions.

Wolfson College, one of only three University of Cambridge colleges specifically for mature undergraduates (21+) and postgraduate students, is an international, egalitarian, and inclusive college – its student body represents almost a hundred countries, with 40% identifying as Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic (BAME).

The Aziz Foundation, a prominent charitable organisation committed to empowering British Muslims and promoting positive social change, shares a common vision of equal opportunities in education and beyond.

Ibrahim Mohammed, former Cambridge Uni Influencer ‘Ibz Mo’, an alumnus of Wolfson College, and an Aziz Foundation Alumnus and Communications Manager, expressed his immense pride in the collaboration: “In 2017, I established the BME officer position at Wolfson, and have since been actively involved in promoting inclusivity and access to Oxbridge through social media and access programmes.

“Serving as the Wolfson Student Vice-President in 2018, I hold cherished memories of the College-funded Ramadan iftars and the accommodations made for the Muslim community.

“Four years after graduating, I am amazed at Wolfson’s progress. Furthermore, having been both an Aziz Foundation scholar and intern, and now currently working for the Aziz Foundation, I have witnessed the remarkable generosity and sustainable impact of the Aziz Foundation. Given this context, the collaboration feels natural, and I am thrilled to have played a significant role in it, all thanks to the Aziz Foundations’ generous support, aided by Wolfson College.” 

In addition to financial support, the scholarship recipients will have access to a range of resources, mentorship opportunities, and networking events provided by the Aziz Foundation. This comprehensive support system will enable them to thrive academically, develop leadership skills, and make a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole.

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